Bessie Bluefeld

Atlas Intersection Festival 2016

February 2016 


American Alliance of Museums Conference

Featured in IMTAL Showcase Session

May  2016

Washington, D.C.

Bessie Bluefeld solo performance followed by Chautauqua style Q&A tells of the indomitable Bessie Bluefield, who came to Baltimore from Russia with her husband in 1907. Actor, Terry Nicholetti, plays Bessie at all stages of her life, then engages the audience in dialogue, first with Bessie, then with herself.

Produced by the Jewish Museum of Maryland.

Written by Jonathan Scott Fuqua

Directed by Harriet Lynn, BFA, MS

Heritage Theatre Artists’ Consortium

Lab Theatre I | 60 minutes

Terrific, moving, very well done. Great hour sharing an immigrant’s journey and road thru life to success. Goldstar - JCC Northern VA 5 stars rating

Terry Nicholetti as Bessie Bluefeld

Atlas Intersection Artists 2016, Wash., D.C.

Directed by Harriet Lynn

Playwright, Jonathon Scott Fuqua

Harriet Lynn

Qi Gong substitute instructor

Carmel Valley Athletic Club

2015 - present

Qigong Classes

The Carmel Foundation - 2016


T’ai Chi

The Cottages - Carmel - 2016

Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

85 Ocean Pines Lane

Pebble Beach, CA 93953

  cp:  443-630-5312

March 2016

Harriet Lynn of HTAC joins

Planning Committee of Living History Farm

Agricultural History Project Center and Museum

Western Museums Association

website posts Blog

by Harriet Lynn

Engage, Involve and Connect with Today’s Visitors by Providing Museum Tours that Inspire and Create Lasting Impressions

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Ivan Kramer

& Harriet Lynn

Featured in May issue of Cypress - a monthly publication for Pebble Beach residents

May makes our first year anniversary living in Pebble Beach

Article also contains information about our new “think tank”

Truth, Wisdom & the American Way


premiered Fall 2015

by Ivan Kramer, Ph.D. & Loretta Davi

Harriet Lynn, Marketing

Hippolyte Bouchard Flag Raising Ceremony & Historic Re-Enactment

at Lower Presidio Historic Park

Commemorating Bicentennial of the Battle of Monterey - The only land/sea battle on the West Coast

November 19, 2016 - 11 am

Produced by Old Monterey Foundation

Michael Sovereign - Writer/Producer

Harriet Lynn, Director, HTAC

Dennis Copeland - Narrator

Special Guest Speaker - Mayor of Monterey

Yoga Dance at The Carmel Foundation

Yoga performed to music - Choreographed by Lance Wright

Wednesday Program Series - November 16, 2016

Featuring: Gina Puccinelli, Jody Quintana, Lance Wright and Harriet Lynn

Increased Mobility and Stability Through Yoga/Yoga Dancing Demonstration - Presented by your Favorite Yoga Practitioners Gina Puccinelli, Jody Emerson, Harriet Lynn, and Lance Wright. Together they will demonstrate through “yoga dance” and music how this practice can improve your daily mobility and stability. Simple stretches and breathing techniques, in a sitting position, will be taught. Be a part of this evolutionary practice; increase your strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and promote calmness in stressful situations.

The Carmel Foundation Newsletter

Hippolyte Bouchard - Privateer

                1780 - 1837

Weaving Women’s Words

November AAUW-MPB Program

November 13, 2016 - Monterey Public Library

Seven extraordinary women sharing their own stories of gratitude, overcoming obstacles, personal and professional journeys.

Featuring:  Bella Lofaso, Alana Myles, Alice Halbourian, U.S. Navy Captain (retired) Deidre McLay, Nancy Noel, Gina Puccinelli, Diana Paul

Harriet Lynn, Producer/Host

AAUW- MPB - Nov. - Dec. Newsletter 2016