February 2011

T’ai Chi for Dancers

Harriet Lynn, Guest Teacher

National Dance Association

presents ”Our World Our Dance”

Page to Stage  Workshop

February 26 - 27, 2011

Ellicott City, MD

10th Annual Women’s Expo and Conference


Catonsville, MD

Susan Shaffer & Harriet Lynn


Maryland Women’s Heritage Center

Celebrating MD Women in History

March 11 - 10 am

Aloft BWI Hotel



March 2011

    APRIL 2011 - ongoing thru 2015

Maryland Historical Society’s

Divided Voices: Maryland in the Civil War

new exhibit

April 2011 thru 2015

Harriet Lynn and Dale Jones

Co-Production Managers/Directors

Featuring the


museum theatre - living history

a new interpretation program

Christina Fleetwood, Harriet Tubman, Johns Wilkes Booth, Clara Barton, Rebecca Davis*

Playwright, Jonathon Scott Fuqua

*Rebecca Davis (diary)

Directed by Harriet Lynn

Pratt Street Riots

Written & Directed by, Dale Jones


Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

116 W.University Parkway     Penthouse 3

Baltimore, MD 21210

ph/fax: 410-235-4457        hlynn@umbc.edu 


Lucretia Anderson as Harriet Tubman

Kofi Owusu as

Christian Fleetwood

Britt Olsen-Ecker &

Christopher Davis in 

Pratt Street Riots

Harriet Lynn at

OHMAR Spring Conference 2011

Philadelphia, PA

Susan Shaffer &  Harriet Lynn

Women’s Expo

MD Senior Idol 2011 Contestants

MD Senior Idol 2011 Contestants


Theme: Displacement and Community

April 20 - 21, 2011

The Chemical Heritage Foundation

Philadelphia, PA

Harriet Lynn


East Side/West Side Life Stories

5th Annual Maryland Senior Idol

Chesapeake Arts Center

184 Hammonds Lane

Brooklyn Park, MD

March 30, 2011 - 1 pm

Harriet Lynn, Assistant to Director

Jo Ann Cason, Director

Baltimore City Recreation & Parks - Senior Citizens Division

Eight MD Counties

Christopher Kinslow as John Wilkes Booth

photo credit: Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun

Events @ Pratt

Tennis, Everyone  (Podcast)

Harriet Lynn, local theater and sports activist, will moderate a discussion with African-American tennis pioneers, Leon Bowser, Joseph Parham, Sr. and Jean Powell. This discussion follows the documentary, Tennis, Everyone!  based on oral history interviews with tennis pioneers conducted by Ms. Lynn and sponsored by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks. The panelists will share their experiences about the integration and                     advancement of the sport at Druid Hill Park. 

Schedule: (click on the location to see map)

  1. Reisterstown Road Branch   Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 (11:00 a.m.)

Suggested Audience:

  1. Adults   Seniors  


November 2011

Harriet Lynn

Guest Speaker/Lecturer/Performing Artist

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Independence of the Seas

Southampton, UK  - Canary Islands, Spain - Portugal

September 28 - October 9, 2011

Back Stage Memories *  British Music Hall Greats

Marie Lloyd  *   Vesta Tilley

Ella Shields: The Woman Behind the Man

September  - October 2011

Harriet Lynn

Guest Speaker

Royal Caribbean

Independence of the Seas

September -October 2011

Harriet Lynn

“Ella Shields:

The Woman Behind the Man”

Royal Caribbean

Independence of the Seas

September -October 2011

East Side West Side Life Stories

cast members