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Museum Theatre

I.  Living History

MD Historical Society Players

Living History Program

Civil War in MD

War of 1812

Living History Series

Garrett-Jacobs Mansion

Levy’s Ghost

U.S.S. Constellation

Three Jewish Lives

Saul Bernstein

Ida Rehr

Bessie Bluefeld

Mendes Cohen

Jewish Museum of MD/

Leo V. Berger Immigrant Trunk Program

Three Russian Master Poets & Writers:  Pushkin, Akhmatova & Block

Vivat! St. Petersburg!

Enoch Pratt Library

One-Woman Living History Programs

Chautauqua style

featuring - Harriet Lynn

Ella Shields: The Woman Behind the Man

Ella Gutman Hutzler:

A Personal Tour of Baltimore’s Downtown Jewish Department Stores

  1. II. Oral History Performance

The Carmel Foundation Players

Carmel Life Stories

Emancipation Proclamation:

150 Years Later

Sandy Spring Museum

O, Say Can You Feel..The Flag Story Project

Reginald F. Lewis Museum

Stories from the Struggle for Civil Rights

For All the World to Hear


Recollections: Life Through Art Baltimore Museum of Art


HTAC produced -touring version

East Side West Side Life Stories

Life Stories - Life Lessons

Lessons from Katrina

  1. III. Oral History Media and Mixed Media Productions

Edenwald:  Pioneers

Seniors Speak Out!

Tennis, Everyone!

Tennis, Everyone! RFLM

Oral History Interviews

MD Council for Dance

Debbie London- “Miss Debbie”

Wally Dashiell

Helene Brezeale

Chrystelle Bond

Jim May

Artistic Director, Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble

oral history interview

New York City Public Library 

Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at Lincoln Center 

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

Founder, Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network

oral history interview

Telling Time Oral History Project

50th Anniversary 2010

Jewish Museum of MD

Lemelson Center

AU Theatre Collaboration

photos by Harriet Lynn

featured on Smithsonian Institute National Museum of American History Blog


Here Come the Ladies:

JHU Odyssey Program Spring 2014


Ella Shields bio

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


Plinth museum online publication

February issue 2014


An Evening with

Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald

University of Baltimore



Carmel Foundation Players

50+ Players

MD Senior Idol

Senior Theatre on QM2


League of Conservational

Voters (national  tv  2014)


Medicare Fraud

National Commercial

Witness” a digital story

by Harriet Lynn

for Story Center

“The Cooking Show

MPT “Crabs”

Theatre - Dance Events

150th Anniversary

Druid Hill Park

October 2010


(Museum Theatre)

Snowmen of Mars

Port Discovery

Coffee & Comets from the Starlight Cafe

MD Science Museum

Pumpkin Theatre

Harriet Lynn - former Producer/Artistic Director (1996-98)

award winning  non-profit children’s theatre company over 40 years in Greater Baltimore Area

Harriet Lynn as

Ella Shields welcomes you

photo: Paul Hayward

Levy’s Ghost by Lewis Schrager

a Heritage Theatre Artist’s production

Harriet Lynn, Director

USS Constellation, Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Shirley Bishop and Omar Pulliam

Red, Hot and Cole

50+ Players, a Howard County Arts Council program

Harriet Lynn Director & Choreographer

Harriet  Lynn


Ella Joline Gutman Hutzler

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion

a program in collaboration with Jewish Museum of MD

East Side West Side Life Stories

an oral history performance

Harriet Lynn, Director

Creative Alliance - Baltimore, MD

Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

116 W.University Parkway     Penthouse 3

Baltimore, MD 21210

ph/fax: 410-235-4457     cp:  443-630-5312

   (L to R)  Harriet Lynn & Char Nelson with audience member in conversation

        after “chaos” in Lessons from Katrina program at OHMAR Spring Conference 2008 - Columbia University

Tennis, Everyone!

an oral history documentary

and public program


an oral history touring program

(above:  Shindana Cooper)


based on Recollections: Life Through Art Baltimore Museum of Art

Audience members during post-performance Q & A

at Mary Elizabeth Garrett program

with author, Kathleen Waters Sander and actress, Kate Briante, in Ballroom-Theatre

Garrett-Jacobs Mansion