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Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African-American History and Culture

Opening Day of Druid Hill Park: A Community’s Pride Exhibit

July 24 - December 5, 2010

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Druid Hill Park: A Community’s Pride exhibit

Reginald F. Lewis Museum of MD African-American History & Culture

Opening Day, July 24, 2010

Tennis, Everyone! documentary (narration only of tennis pioneers)

included in ongoing exhibit.    Harriet Lynn- oral history interviewer

Ann Koger, protege-panelist

Harriet Lynn, Moderator

oral historian & director of documentary film, Tennis, Everyone

Pat Koger, protege-panelist

(L-R) Harriet Lynn, Documentarian/Moderator, Peter Dutton , Pat Koger, Ann Koger (proteges) and tennis pioneers, Alfred Sutton, Ed.D.,  &  Jean Powell

Dr. Alfred Sutton  and Jean Powell -  tennis pioneer-panelists

Tennis, Everyone!

Comments of audience members of Tennis, Everyone! program......

Wonderful, informative, inspiring.


Loved it!  Hope I can stay connected!  Thank you.                                        

                        D.L., Baltimore Co., MD

Very eye-opening.  I visited Druid Hill Park in the 60’s as a child.  I was not aware of the degree of segregation and never experienced any discrimination.

            Elinda D. Lee  Columbia, MD

Extremely informative.

               Anonymous, Washington, D.C.

Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks - Senior Citizens Division

a proud sponsor

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Tennis, Everyone

Harriet Lynn, local theater and sports activist, will moderate a discussion with African-American tennis pioneers, Leon Bowser, Joseph Parham, Sr. and Jean Powell. This discussion follows the documentary, Tennis, Everyone!  based on oral history interviews with tennis pioneers conducted by Ms. Lynn and sponsored by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks. The panelists will share their experiences about the integration and advancement of the sport at Druid Hill Park. 


Schedule: (click on the location to see map)

  1. Reisterstown Road Branch   Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 (11:00 a.m.)

Suggested Audience:

  1. Adults   Seniors