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Harriet Lynn has been producing and direction senior theatre productions for over a decade.  She is known locally,  regionally and nationally in this field and has “pushed the boundaries” in exploring the unlimited potential of senior adults.  She has produced and directed senior musicals, original productions, oral history performance and even including her own production of Ella Shields, The Woman Behind the Man.  She believes in the power and experience that comes with the wisdom one accumulates as one matures and tries to be a conduit in giving voice to elders whether they have a lifetime of experience or this is their first time on a stage.

Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

116 W.University Parkway     Penthouse 3

Baltimore, MD 21210

ph/fax: 410-235-4457

Fabulous 50+ Players

70, Girls 70

East Side West Side Life Stories

an oral history performance

Life Stories, Life Lessons

an oral history performance

Senior Variety Program

Harriet Lynn, M.C.

Queen Mary 2