Third Annual

Maryland Senior Idol

Howard Community College


Columbia, MD

January 23, 2009

(l to r) M.C., Harriet Lynn, M.C., (as “Ella Shields”)

Daniel Goldstein - Howard County Teen Idol Finalist &

Joe Pacana - 3rd Annual MD Senior Idol                                                                                                       



    Fourth Annual MD Senior Idol

   Howard Community College

     Smith Theatre

  January 2010

(l-r) Valerie McIntosh, Baltimore County, winner &

Margaret Lee, runner up  Baltimore City

Harriet Lynn served as a 2010 judge

MD Senior Idol 2006

Fundraiser for Gulfport Senior Citizen Center

Harriet Lynn - Co-Chairperson/Programming Committee       

Baltimore City  Recreation & Parks - Senior Division

Chesapeake Arts Center

December 12, 2006

MD Senior Idol 2005

Harriet Lynn as “Ella Shields”  & Emcee

Contest & Fundraiser for Older American Victims of Hurricane Katrina

State Agencies on Aging

Chesapeake Arts Center

December 5, 2005

Rehearsal - 50+ Players of Howard County

Harriet Lynn, Artistic Director of senior theatre company

    Finale of MD Senior Idol 2006

Maryland Senior Idol

Contest celebrates the vocal talents of seniors

throughout Maryland.

Harriet Lynn of HTAC has been involved since its inception in 2005.


MD Senior Idol

March 30, 2011

View videos of contestants from MD Senior Idol 2010 on FoxNewsDC website:

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