Dale Jones (Co-Production Manager/Playwright/Director) founder of Making History Connections, has produced and scripted scores of historical dramas and character interpretations for sites including the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Baltimore City Life Museums, Fort Delaware, Sotterley Plantation, Old Sturbridge Village, Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, the Discovery Chan- nel, and American Girl Dolls. Mr. Jones also directed his own play, The Pratt Street Riots, Ned Rich and directed the tour training for the Players for the Divided Voices exhibit. For more information contact

Harriet Lynn (Co-Production Manager/Director) has performed in National Broadway Companies, regional theatres and musical companies. She founded Heritage Theatre Artists’ Consortium in 1994 and since then produced, directed and/or performed museum theatre and/or oral history performances at the Jewish Museum of MD, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, USS Constellation, Baltimore Museum of Art, Walters Art Museum, Maryland Science Center, Maryland Women’s Heritage Center, Port Discovery, and other museums and cultural organizations. She has directed the following plays at the Historical Society: Christian Fleetwood, Harriet Tubman, John Wilkes Booth,  Rebecca Davis and Clara Barton. To learn more visit  To learn more visit

Jonathon Scott Fuqua (Playwright/Designer/Illustrator) is the author of three award-winning Young Adult books and three equally acclaimed historical novels, a graphic novel on Edgar Allan Poe, and two volumes on urban architecture. For elementary students, he’s written three books, two of which he illustrated. Over the years, he’s worked at the Baltimore City Life Museums as well as other historical institutions. He teaches writing and illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Norah Worthington (Costumer) has been the Resident Costumer at the Baltimore School for the Arts for the past fifteen years. She has designed for Opera Vivente, Everyman Theater, Rep Stage, Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Toby’s Dinner Theater, Young Victorian Theater Company, Goucher College, and UMBC. She is a graduate of McDonough School and Haverford College.


A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved —I do not expect the house to fall —but I do expect it will cease to be divided.



Maryland Historical Society Players


THE PRATT                                                                   

Britt Olsen-Ecker &

Christopher Davis in 

Pratt Street Riots


by Dale Jones  Director  Dale Jones

The Civil War began with the bombardment of Ft. Sumter. One week later first blood was shed in Baltimore during the Pratt Street Riots. As Federal troops attempted to move through the city, a mob of Confederate supporters assailed them. The shots that rang out, heralded the beginning of the bloodiest conflict in America’s history.

CHRISTIAN FLEETWOOD                                   

by  Jonathon Scott Fuqua        Director  Harriet Lynn

Discover the poignant story of Christian Fleetwood, a free black man who willingly risked his life to change white America’s perceptions of African-American’s citizenship. While doing so, he would earn great respect along with a Medal of Honor for bravery.


                   by Jonathon Scott Fuqua    Director Harriet Lynn

            Be astounded by America’s Black Moses. Harriet Tubman confounded slave owners before the war by leading more          

            than 300 people to freedom on the underground railroad. Dur- ing the war, she would become a spy for the Union and

            even lead a military raid on Confederate forces in South Carolina.

Lucretia Anderson


Harriet Tubman

JOHN WILKES BOOTH               

by Jonathon Scott Fuqua     Director  Harriet Lynn

Why did John Wilkes Booth assassinate President Lincoln? What did JWB hope to achieve by murdering the nation’s leader just days after Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox?


Christopher Kinslow


John Wilkes Booth


Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun


by Jonathon Scott Fuqua  Director  Harriet Lynn

Hold your breath as the “Angel of the Battlefield” trods amidst the most dangerous and violent conflicts of the war to provide solace and hope to boys wounded in the fight. See how one woman’s courage and generosity commanded the respect of every soldier.

Britt Olsen-Ecker


Clara Barton


            NED RICH by Christopher Davis   Director  Dale Jones

                        Learn about the humorous misadventures of Maryland native Ned Rich

                 as he bumbles south to join the Confederacy.

Chris Davis as Ned Rich




Maryland in the Civil War

Guided Tours

See history come alive! Hear stories about the war that divided America and Maryland! The Maryland Historical Society Players offers absorbing half hour tours of the Divided Voices: Maryland in the Civil War exhibit, bringing to life some of the people and events that were part of that difficult but riveting period in our collective past.


Lucretia M. Anderson (Harriet Tubman) is a native of Maryland, an actress, director and teacher who has appeared in and directed museum theatre works for, among other institutions, the Smithsonian's Discovery Theater. Ms. Anderson is currently the Elementary Program Coordinator for the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C..

Christopher Davis (Pratt St. Riots, alternate and Ned Rich) is pleased to join the Maryland Historical Society Players for this exciting new project. He is veteran actor-educator with more than 20 years of experience working with audiences in an interactive setting. Fori nformationon his interactive historical productions, please visit

Kateri Chambers (Pratt St. Riots, alternate, and Rebecca Davis) has performed internationally as an actor, dancer, and musician. She has degrees from Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Peabody Conservatory, and Johns Hopkins University. She is cur- rently pursuing her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Historical Performance at Boston University.

Kofi Owusu (Christian Fleetwood) has performed as George Washington Carver at the Smithsonian Institution’s Discovery Theater’s Lion's of Industry, Mothers of Invention. He was a cast member in their production of African Roots/ Latino Soul. Other credits include Jack Henson in Native Son produced at American Century Theater. He is a How- ard University graduate with a BFA in Theatre Arts.

Christopher Kinslow (Pratt St. Riots, alternate and John Wilkes Booth) was born in Dundee, Scotland and resides today in  Catonsville,MD. He has studied theater at Tow- son University and has appeared there in, among other productions, Noises Off and Songs for a New World.

Britt Olsen-Ecker (Pratt St. Riots and Clara Barton) has performed with The Strand Theater, Glass Mind Theatre, and Single Carrot Theatre. She is a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University and an accomplished photographer (Britt Olsen-Ecker Photography) specializing in portraiture and public relations.


A Remarkable New Venture

The Maryland Historical Society Players will highlight important events and fascinating individuals who played a unique role in our state’s and country’s heritage. These individuals are vividly portrayed by our ensemble of period-costumed professional actors who transform the gallery into a theatrical experience and provide additional insight into the exhibit. Our talented troupe of actors also serve as guides for the Divided Voices: Maryland in the Civil War exhibit.

The Pratt Street Riots      *      Harriet Tubman          *      Clara Barton    *      Rebecca Davis

Christian Fleetwood         *    John Wilkes Booth        *      Ned Rich  


Saturdays and Sundays Performances 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Tours 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm


Note:  Performances and Tours all take place in the "Civil War" exhibit gallery Performances are approximately 15 minutes each.  Tours are 30 minutes each. All times are subject to change


                                                    ABSORBING                 MOVING

THE MARYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY was founded in 1844 and is the world’s largest museum and library dedicated to the his- tory of Maryland. Occupying an entire city block in the Mount Vernon district of Baltimore, The Society’s mission is to collect, pre- serve, and interpret the objects and materials that reflect Maryland’s diverse cultural heritage. The Society is home to the original manuscript of the Star Spangled Banner and publishes a quarterly titled Maryland Historical Magazine. More information about The Maryland Historical Society can be found online at

201 West Monument St., Baltimore, Maryland 21201-4674 Phone: 410-685-3750

MD Historical Society Players

150th Anniversary of Antietam

September 15, 2012

receives national coverage and featured on

Student News Net


Sept. 17, 2012 - 150 years ago today, the Battle of Antietam took place, the bloodiest one-day battle in American history. Clara Barton and Christian Fleetwood were at the battlefield Saturday to tell its story, courtesy of the Maryland Humanities Council and the Maryland Historical Society




Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

116 W.University Parkway     Penthouse 3

Baltimore, MD 21210

ph/fax: 410-235-4457


Living History at Maryland Historical Society - Baltimore Sun  July 10, 2001

Maryland Historical Society Players in MD in civil War &  War of 1812 Gallery

Christopher Kinslow as John Wilkes Booth

photo credit: Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun

Maryland Historical Society Players

              Kateri Chambers


Rebecca Davis

photo: Harriet Lynn

Rebecca Davis  by  Rebecca Davis  Director  Harriet Lynn

Rebecca Davis shares extracts from her personal diary kept during the Civil War documenting her impressions and her “torn” family during this most difficult times in American History.

      History Comes Alive

at the Maryland Historical Society

Watch Players video behind the scenes featured on YouTube and the Maryland Theatre Guide 

              Roderick Howard II


Christian Fleetwood

photo: Sotterley Plantation

Players on tour 2012 presented by Maryland Humanities Council & MD Historical Society

Players join Young Audiences

of MD


Clara Barton (Britt Olsen Ecker)

and Christian Fleetwood (Roderick Howard II)

In Full Glory Reflected:  Maryland During the War of 1812

major new exhibit at the Maryland Historical Society

opened June 2012

Performance times:  1:15 pm   2:15 pm  3:15 pm   4:15 pm

(These new times begin October 2012)

   Eve of Battle

by Norah Worthington

directed by Harriet Lynn

  A Sailor’s Story

written & directed by

directed by Dale Jones