Life Stories/Life Lessons - an oral history program with senior adult African-American members of Ivy Family Support Center Eating Together Program

Harriet Lynn - Facilitator/Director

Sponsors: Baltimore City Dept. of Recreation & Parks - Senior Division, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts with partial funding by MD State Arts Council 

some performances include:      CARE’s Black History Month Celebration - Waxter Center                 Multicultural Institute - Towson University -

               Oral History Mid-Atlantic Region Conference - RFLM - March 23, ‘06

                                                    Reginald F. Lewis Museum

                                                    Creative Alliance


                  Life Stories/Life Lessons - The Playshop

Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

116 W.University Parkway     Penthouse 3

Baltimore, MD 21210

ph/fax: 410-235-4457