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Harriet Lynn

audition tape

video taped at SAG-Miami office

Miami, FL

January 2011

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Harriet Lynn in

Medicare Fraud

“Playing Cards”

National Commercial


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a blast from the past!

“The Cooking Show

MPT “Crabs”

Harriet Lynn

For All the World to Hear

promo video

Stories from the Struggle for Civil Rights

oral historian, dramaturge & director, Harriet Lynn

organized by UMBC Center for Art & Visual Culture

sponsored by Maryland Humanities Council

Visit:  For all the World to Hear website

      History Comes Alive weekends at

the Maryland Historical Society Players

View video behind the scenes featured on YouTube and the Maryland Theatre Guide

Witness is a story and audio recording by Harriet Lynn.  It is a digital story that is part of the national Story Center’s “All Together Now” project where this and other stories are posted on the internet of personal stories relating to civil and human rights stories.  This project was inspired by the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech and March on Washington in 1963.

Extra!   Extra! 

Harriet Lynn in

first episode of VEEP Season 4

Premieres April 12, 2015

Click here for photo (Baltimore Sun, April 5, 2015)


Julia Louis Dreyfus meets with Joint Chiefs in the Situation Room