Ella Gutman Hutzler’s

Personal Slide Tour of

Downtown Baltimore Department Stores

in association with the Jewish Museum of Maryland


             Ella Joline Gutman Hutzler (1855-1942)

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at Garrett-Jacobs Mansion - Free Fall Baltimore

Photo courtesy of The Jewish Museum of Maryland     20000.085.008  


         Ella Gutman Hutzler (1855-1942) was the daughter of Joel Gutman, of Joel Gutman and Co., the first

        Downtown Baltimore department store owner and the  wife of David Hutzler, of the famous Hutzler Brothers

        department store family of Howard Street.  Audiences enjoy this lively, historic and personalized tour that

        tells the growth of these emporiums and the extraordinary lives of those who arrived here as new immigrants.

        From mid-1800’s to early 1900’s these entrepreneurs rose from peddlers to major department store owners.

This historical program is presented in association with the Jewish Museum of Maryland who originally introduced this program as a “walking tour” with Ms. Lynn portraying Ella Joline Gutman Hutzler in conjunction with their exhibit,

Enterprising Emporiums: The Jewish Department Stores of Downtown Baltimore


Some performances include:

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion at Mt. Vernon Place

(as part of Baltimore Living History Series - Free Fall Baltimore)

The Jewish Museum of Maryland

Free Fall Baltimore program

Association of American Museums Conference - Denver, CO

presented by International Museum Theatre Alliance

Roland Park Place        Weinberg Village


        Harriet  Lynn


Ella Joline Gutman Hutzler

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion


                                                                                     Audience members at post-performance discussion           Jill Moss Greenberg, Ex.Dir.  Harriet Lynn as “Ella Gutman Hutzler”,                                                                                                             MD Women’s Heritage Center

between Esther Weiner & Deborah Cardin, Ed. Dir.                                                                                                  with Harriet Lynn (r) of  Jewish Museum of Maryland                                                                                                                          

                   Some comments from audience members for the Ella Joline Gutman Huzler program*

I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you do it again, I'll come see it again.   Richard Hutzler

Harriet, Thank you for, again, bringing to friends and to the greater Baltimore community  

the sense  of the aliveness of history and its influence on more than one generation.  MR


Lovely actress.  Great information. SJ

        Very informative and pleasant. JD

Excellent program. Loved it. AH

It is a great learning experience. LE

It was wonderful that there was opportunity for audience participationRV

           Harriet, You did a wonderful presentation.  Brought back memories. MJL

It was fantastic and had a lot of Jewish history. IS (12 year old)

A rare opportunity to see this elegant mansion and enjoy finding out about more local history. KS

(Post-Show) Discussion was fabulous. CC

*comments from the Baltimore Living History Theatre Series at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion.

Free Fall Baltimore program  www.freefallbaltimore.com

Ella Joline Gutman Hutzler  at Jewish Museum of Maryland 
October 7, 2007 - Free Fall Baltimore program

   Linda Shevitz of MD Women’s                        Richard Hutzler (Ella Gutman                 Albert  Berney (great grandson
  Heritage Center with “Ella Gutman                     Hutzler’s grandson) with his                  of original Issac Hamburger)            
  Hutzler” (portrayed by Harriet Lynn)         “grandmother” at Jewish Museum of MD          with “Ella Gutman Hutzlerhttp://www.jhsm.org/http://mdwomensheritagecenter.org/http://jewishmuseummd.orgshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

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