BESSIE BLUEFELD               



Bessie Bluefeld


Leo V. Berger’s Immigrant’s Trunk Program

Jewish Museum of Maryland

A New Program in 2013!

Play by Jonathon Scott Fuqua

Produced & Directed by Harriet Lynn

Heritage Theatre Artists’ Consortium


Terry Nicholetti

as Bessie Bluefeld

the living history program about the founder of the famous

Bluefeld Catering Company of Baltimore

The Original Bessie Bluefeld

Terry Nicholetti as

Bessie Bluefeld

photo credit:  Baltimore Jewish Times

Meet Bessie Bluefeld - Blog by Ilene Dackman-Alon

Jewish Museum of Maryland

Heritage Theatre Artists Consortium

116 W.University Parkway     Penthouse 3

Baltimore, MD 21210

ph/fax: 410-235-4457

photo credit:  Harriet Lynn

Bessie Bluefeld on YouTube